Android Mobile Technology
Android technology is an operating system which is owned by Google. It is still evolving compared to Apple’s iOS and needs more attention and fine tuning. There are many big name brands that are using Android operating system in smartphones and tablets. Android’s demand is growing in the consumer market and it is opening many opportunities for Android application developers to develop applications which may be helpful to buy dissertation online around the globe. The Android technology has its benefits and drawbacks for students. Let us first take a look at the advantages it brings for students.

Android phones are cost efficient for students compared to Apple products which are always considered to be high end. Students can get many applications on Android phones and tablets such as Evernotes, GPS, WolframAlpha, Skype, etc., which are either same for iOS or similar to it.

Variety in Applications:
Android is the second largest carrier of apps after iOS. It has around 250,000 applications in its Play store. It has certainly come a long way in developing latest apps catering to the need and demand of students and teachers.

Some of these apps are Astrid, which is great for making things-to-do list, Hi-Q MP3 Voice recorder which is considered to be one of the best recording apps in the market, Double Twist Alarm Clock is the favorite clock app for Android users as it has some very cool features. The clock has a progressive alarm sound that starts with a soft tune but increases gradually if not turned off. Trello is another great app for Android users which is used for organizing team work as it arranges team members’ names in columns with delegated tasks in corresponding cards inside each column. However, this app is also available in iOS and web.

Android has developed a system of easy notifications which is happily accepted by its users. All SMS, emails and even RSS feeds are notified on the front screen which enables users to respond to people promptly and never miss out on anything. The LED indicator blinks each time there is a new message or email.

Android offers a variety of manufacturers for its users to choose from. This gives consumers some room for negotiation in order to get the best deal. Unlike iOS which is only restricted to Apple products, Android operating system is used by many reliable smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and HTC.

The Widgets on the main screen makes it very easy and convenient to navigate through different apps and icons. Access to settings and other functions of the product becomes fairly simple with widgets.

Drawbacks of Android Operating System:
As mentioned earlier the Android OS is still new and hence need more work in its applications development and address its compatibility issues. The apps are free but come with a big disadvantage of advertisements running on either the side or top of the screen. The Android apps world is not as big or diverse as that of Apple’s app store. Students can find more useful apps on iOS than on Android. Most Android phones require continuous internet connection so users need to buy a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) data package which will be a regular expense on their part.