When it comes to composing an argumentative essay, the tips may seem less or even more. The argumentative essay comes together after all the facts have been put together. There are a few tips however, that can be used to put together a good argumentative essay. The topic of the essay should be strong. The argumentative essay cannot be complete without a solid topic. Thereby, it is important that the topic of the essay is concrete and it can be controversial. In any case, the topic should be the one that can attract the attention of the reader.

The topic should be from the current era and modern times. This is because the topic would than hold importance for the reader. It is important to mention here that the topic, which is picked, is the one that the writer feels passionate about. There is so much going on in the surroundings. So many issues exist in the communities and societies. This topic will define the base and the foundation of the essay. In addition, there is a need that before the writer starts to compile the essay, it is important that all the arguments are well defined and organized in the minds of the writer. In the absence of the solid and proper arguments, a proper essay cannot be defined.

The secondmain tip is to make sure that all the formatting of the paper should be finalized and well decided in the mind of the writer. It is important, as it is the formatting that helps in organizing the arguments and the thoughtson the paper. The writer has to do all the homework in order to make sure that an effective argumentative essay can be written.

Thirdly, the argumentative essay is the one that requires increased and more intense research. The greater the research, the better is the finalshape of the essay. The correct facts are the ones that help in finalizing the shape of the essay.

Since the topic and the formatting of the paper have been defined, there is a need that the stance on the selected topic is chosen. Stance means that the writer has to make decisions on whether to talk against or in favor of the selected topic. The facts and the data that has been collected is the one, which now needs to be, be cleverly linked with the topic and the stance chosen for the topic.

In the case of an argumentative essay, it has been seen that there is an opposing side and there is a defending side. These two sides need to be known by the writer. Both sides need to be satisfied. This satisfaction comes from the kind of arguments that have been collected for the essay. In the presence of the correct topic, and the position for or against the chosen topic, an effective argumentative essay can be written.