Stress is Harmful
Stress is an input for survival but the level of high stress can be harmful. High-level stress that stays in the mind can be harmful to human beings. It is the cause of high blood pressure, depression and even heart disease. In particular, too much stress is very harmful to human health. However, in many cases, stress is not an awful obsession, because, it gives us the power to terminate our projects. Stress is the cause of physical problems like a headache and sleep deprivation. Stress symptoms can affect our body, our thoughts, feelings and our behaviour. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of cheap essay writing services will discuss that stress is really harmful or not.

According to modern research, stress is a changing state that has negative and positive effects on the human body. The high-level stress can release hormones such as heart rate, metabolism and body actions. Stress can destroy a student academic session, because, it slaughters the joy of learning. Stress is really harmful to student health. It is very difficult to identify the source of stress as well as a handle with stress in academic secession. It is most important for the student to feel stress-free in order to gain high grades and improve their skills.

It is said that the enthusiasm and nervousness damage can dispirit the immune system of any student. Stress is very harmful, because, it effects in strength and extent. There are two kinds of stress, intense stress and chronic stress. Intense stress stays in a short of time in the human body that attacks the immune system. Chronic stress is also very harmful, because, their symptom stays a long time in the human body that can destroy human happiness. Natives can face a difficult time and may feel depressed. In fact, stress is one of the five stages of the Kubler Ross grieving process, and yet a tough time for the students.

A student should think positive in order to overcome the stress. The most harmful and common foundation of stress is an examination, parental prospect, nostalgia, and disagreement with intimate partners and the idea of future planning. You should develop a complete relation routine in order to stay fit and healthy. Stress can be harmful to all the students, but in many cases, it is helpful, because, it provides us power in order to finish our projects in the class. Here are common factors of stress on our moods. It is the cause of anxiety, restlessness and lack of motivation. The high-level stress can change human behaviours such as overeating and underrating. It is the most important and common question that how to manage stress. If you have stress signs, then you should adopt regular physical exercise and keep a sense of humour.

Basically, high-level stress is very harmful to the human body, thoughts as well as feelings. It is the cause of high blood pressure and heart diseases. To sum up, we can assert that stress is really harmful to everybody. Therefore, it is most important to control stress symptoms.