Basically, grammar is the study and structure of the words by the experts of dissertation writing services. In grammar, we read how the sentences are structured and what the difference in situation changes is. The study of rule and regulation called grammar. Grammar is the kind of morphology and morphology is the study of words. We read how words are combined together. In the grammar, we read about phonology, semantics and syntax. Having complete information about grammar rules will make you able to write and read the correct language. Actually, grammar cannot learn by reading, indeed, we can learn it by practice. We can’t make correct sentences until we use them in our routine life. Learning English grammar is not difficult if you have complete information about its rule. Let’s discuss different grammar rules that you need to know.

Sentence Structure 

Making the sentence structure is most difficult if you don’t know the rule of constructing a structure. You should keep in mind that we will read “subject +verb +object”. Basically, this is a very simple formula to make a simple sentence. The short form of making a simple sentence is (s+ v +o). For example, 

Ali plays cricket. 

Ayesha makes tea.

Saba goes to school.

Sana washes clothes.

The Use of Conjunction

The use of the conjunction is also very complex. However, without the use of the conjunction, we can’t link ideas. The formula of adding conjunction is also very simple like this: s+ v+ o, coordinating conjunction+ +v +o. The conjunction words are for, or, so, and, yet. The examples of conjunction are giving below:

Ali goes to school and learns new things.

Sana does not like an apple but she like mango.

I am free, so we can go for a walk.

The Use of Comma

The use of a comma is very special rule in grammar. Basically, it is very easy rule that we often apply in our daily conversation. We use comma in the series of the list. Comma gives separate identity to the words. The comma separates units in a list. Without adding comma we cannot identify things properly. Instead of that, we can use comma to connect two ideas in one line.

I do not like a dog, nor do I wash a dog.

Ali, Saba, Alia and Waqas are going for a walk.

The Use of Present Tense 

The use of present tense is everywhere in our life. Without the use of present tense, we can’t complete our conversation as well as work. Instead of that, we use present tense for habitual actions. If you are using the present tense then you should keep in mind its rule. You should add s, es with he, she, it or a single name. You should not use s, es with third person such as they, it and them. In a negative sentence we use, do not for plural things and third person and we use does not with singular and first-person. Actually, all tenses are complex but present tense is very simple and easy to use. The examples of present tense are given below: 

Ali likes dogs.

Saba washes clothes.

Nabila sings songs.

Boys go to school.

Waqar does not like to play cricket.

The Use of Preposition

We use the preposition in order to demonstrate a relationship between noun and pronoun. Instead of that, we use preposition to indicate, location of the things. It also highlights manner, seasons, possessions. Without the use of a proposition, we cannot make a sentence as well as structure. Although, the use of preposition is not easy, yet, it can learn by practice. Some examples of prepositions are given below:

The salt is beside the paper.

The fish is into the water.

He sat on the rock.

The Use of Articles

Basically, the articles are very little words but they are most useful and difficult to learn. There are two kinds of articles, Definite articles and indefinite articles.” A, An” are indefinite articles that refer to non-specific nouns. On the other hand, “the” is the definite article and it is used to define special person, thing and place. For example, 

Ali is one of the most intelligent students in the class.

Would you like to eat an apple?

Would you like to take a tea?

Please go for a walk with me.

Please take the new students out for a walk.

Saba is the most beautiful girl.

The Lahore is a historical city.