Artificial Intelligence
We cannot contradict with significance and assessment of advanced technology, because, it has become an indispensable part of our life. Undeniably, our life revolves around artificial intelligence facilitations. If we talk about the education department, IT is playing a fundamental function and had changed the concepts of erudition. Conversely, artificial intelligence has enclosed a large area of education but still, education institutes are following several older conventions.

As we are concerned with education’ future, we might think about the function of artificial intelligence will play and how the education system can be revolutionized. Yes, of course, artificial intelligence will change the concept of the traditional education system. It will bring wonderful changes that will be more advantageous and valuable for human beings. The first change that we can expect is the automatic activities. Absolutely, artificial intelligence will take education to the next level by its automatic activities.

For example, according to the old and traditional method, teachers had to spend a lot of time to check the students’ papers and declaring the results. Nowadays, students’ papers are being checked via computer programs and students can get instant results. Subsequently, the grading system is completely changed. Students can participate in various sub-section, because, artificial intelligence is helping them. In the current exams system, multi-choice question and blank type of questions are being prepared for the students that students can fill out very easily and checker declare the exams without spending a lot of time. So, we can say that artificial intelligence has changed the grading system of education.

Through its advanced method, artificial intelligence can take education at the next level. It is also accepted that artificial intelligence is proving real-time assistance to the students. If we see the old method of teaching and learning, students and teacher have to come to their selected place where they can continue their learning program. Nowadays, artificial intelligence has settled a record of all the basic activities that student can use anywhere. At present, students are not dependent on the teachers; indeed they are getting help from their advanced devices. By its learning programs, artificial intelligence offers timely intervention and support to the students. Students have complete freedom to learn 24/7.

With its advanced and smart learning method, we can create an environment of global learning. Yes, of course, this is quite a gigantic and magnificent change that has changed the concept of old education and has taken to the education system at the next level. Nowadays, students are not limited to the educational boundaries, because, they can achieve their dreams by learning any institute. Students can learn any type of course via the internet. Now they don’t need a visa and other formalities for getting admission in the advanced courses. According to a coursework writing service, wide range of courses and learning via the internet is a bright opportunity for the students to polish their skills and learn a lot of things.

With the development of artificial intelligence, we can say that teachers will be replaced with robots. Absolutely, this might be a great change in the educational world that will take education at the next level. These days, artificial robots are being prepared to teach students in a class. Scientists have received positive results by conducting classroom teaching process into a robotic system. Along with that, you will be amazed that students are also interested to learn the new and advanced method of education. Therefore, they are showing good results. AI lessons are being delivered to the students and students are getting real-time assistance from these advanced helpers.

On the other side, one more important point that I would like to include is that artificial intelligence can reason out the weak points of the course. With its advanced method, finding out any mistakes and weak point in the course is not too much difficult. Currently, students and teacher can get instant feedback about their performance. They can get information about the methods to improve their performance. You will wonder that artificial intelligence can help in front of them. By this teaching method, most students are showing good results and this quite changed that will take education to the next level.

Although, the future of the education system will be bright with the help of artificial intelligence, yet, students always require real-time interaction that teachers can provide them. Artificial intelligence is not able to understand the mental condition and feelings of human beings. A new generation needs to develop social skills, decision making, and self-awareness that cannot be taught by a machine. Consequently, teachers should not be replaced by robots.