Is There A Relationship Between English Medium Instruction And Students' Academic Achievement

Students academic ‘achievements and English medium instructions have stimulated controversy for the last few years, since; numbers of scholars have indicated opinions exposing reimbursement of the English medium instruction in the students’ presentation. Nonetheless, English medium instructions are relevant to the school education; this paper by Cheap Essay Writing UK will focus the relationship of English medium instaurations and student’s accomplishment.

Preference of the International Students 

Not the only United States but many other countries are also considering the prospective and relationship of the English medium instruction in the students’ academic attainments. Enormously, it is very wondering that not only national students, in verity but international students also prefer to study English courses.

Various Career Opportunities 

Proficient and dexterous use of the English languages originates new career opportunities to achieve triumph in every pasture of life. Having skills in the English language opens up new horizons to achieve all the dreams. English medium instructions are the use of English languages that the teacher uses to teach the students. English is international language and is used in every corner of the world, is not only understandable, indeed, it imperative to teaching the students. 

EMI Popularity and Decision-Makings Skills

Applying the trend of internationalization, EMI has been increasing his popularity in the private as well as governments sectors and EMI increase the decision-making skills in the students. Having skilled and abilities to about the English language offers success to the students at their academic level. Most effective factor of the EMI is closed link with the motivation .Lack of motivation makes stress and depress to the students' mind and they are forced to perform poorly. Having motivation and hidden abilities pushes toward excellent academic ‘success. 

English Medium Instructions and Good Performance 

Through the formula of quantitative comparison, we will able to judge that EMI and students’ accomplishment has a strong relationship because the grades of the students in EMI will be 10-points and the non-EMI students will gain 7 points. This assessment record shows that there is deep relation between the English medium instruction and students’ academic performance. EMI is not only understood able, in fact, offers different practical activities to the students. Fluently speaking, reading and writing are the basic skills that students can earn through English medium of instruction. So, these abilities make new horizons to gain success in life.

As we have stated in the introduction that abundant in English skills are beneficial and numerous studies have shown that non-native students will face more difficulties in the learning content and they will get lower grades than the native students. Native students will get abilities of English language and they can grasp higher academic level very easily. On the other hand, English medium instructions are practical and produced-able and can create reinforcement in the minds of students.

The EMI has positive outcomes in the students’ performance. In spite of these qualities, students can increase his critical thinking skills but it is very difficult to withdraw the negative effects of the study methods that non-native students face during the process of their academic level. Indeed, the English medium instructions method is the victim of the lack of support and there is much need to support this unique system in order to get high grades of the students. Generally speaking, EMI provides more opportunities and effective learning circumstances for all stakeholders. 

Positive Consequences 

Despite its all benefits, many critics have tried to research how much English medium instructions are effective and how much a student learns by this method of teaching. One of the majors concerned is getting acknowledgement about the EMI achievements and the positive consequences that EMI is playing in the final grades of the students. 

Critical Point Of View 

Most critics have stated that EMI is not effective due to non-mother language; they have stated that adopting a non-native language will not be a useful pedagogical tool in the academic years. However, teachers and students have declared that EMI is very practical to achieving goal and detrimental learning. Nonetheless, large numbers of the students and teachers are in favor of English medium instructions, because, they want to get more confident in order to do work at international level and improve knowledge about a specific subject. 

Technological World 

If we talk about in term of academia, we will know that English is the most common language spoken by the students and it is compulsory subject in many countries. If we talk about technological world, we can say that all worlds are wandering around the English such as laptops, mobiles, and applications. So, having complete information about the English language will offer bright opportunities for the students to gain success in life. 


In the united stated universities, English medium instruction is very famous and it is more effective to grow in academia world, improve skills and confidence. If you are studying English then it is best investment that you will return in the shape of bright future. So, to sum up the whole discussion we can declare that English medium instruction has a deep relation with students ‘academic achievements. 

Writing a Precis for an A+ Grade

In simple words, a precis can be best explained as a concise summary of a speech, books, article or any other text that needs to be evaluated. Derived from a French word, the term precis means ‘cut brief’, precise or brief and makes a short work of a publication. No matter which type of text it is, if you are given to write a precis, it means that you need to come up with its synopsis that provides key details regarding the text and its issues.

What precis is all about?

If you have been assigned a precis writing task by the teacher, it is essential that you take some time out of your busy schedule and make efforts to know what writing a precis is all about. You need to understand that it is not paraphrasing as you are not required to mention all the issues that have been discussed in the text. The precis should explain the main ideas and these ideas must be written in a certain structure. 

The main reason precis writing becomes difficult for students is that they lack experience and are not familiar with most key writing instruments and tools that make this task tough for them. When working on the precis, it becomes important for you to follow the guidelines that have been provided with the assignment and also avoid the mistakes that can cost you good grades. You must cover only the key features and the points of the source text. However, they key is to keep it brief, precise and stick to the main points so that it can be done most efficiently. 

Characteristics of a precis 

When you are given to write a precis, you should work out what it is all about and must make effort to know its basic characteristic. They are:

The text should be clear as well as precise

It should not contain sentences that have been lifted as it from the original text; the students must use their own words for writing the precis

It must be concise and convey information or primary information rather than secondary information that does not deliver the meaning of the text

The key points should be listed in the entirety, covering the material in the most comprehensive manner 

It should be a summary of the text and not paraphrasing; these are two different things and the precis must be written keeping this in mind

The precis must be written in a logical order and make sense to the readers with well-connected ideas that have been derived from the main text

It should not contain irrelevant details that only take up space but fail to provide any meaningful information to the readers 

It should have a proper title

It should be free of all irreverent or extra details or flowery words that only end up wasting number of words

It must only use the information that is given in the text; no information from any other source should be included in the precis

It should be about one-fourth of the original text’s length if nothing has been specified regarding tis length 

When teachers assign precis writing task to students, they must go through the guidelines so that they can work accordingly and look forward to an ‘A’ grade in class for their efforts. 

How to start the precis writing process

Before starting to write the precis, it is essential that you take a good look at the steps for writing one so that you understand how it should be done the right way. It might not be as easy as you take it to be as there are certain important points to keep in mind for a good precis that earns you good grades.

Here are some key tips that will help to get started with the precis writing process:

Go through the main text carefully and mark or highlight the key points or main ideas

Try to think about what the author is trying to say and read between the lines too

Look closely at the evidences that have been discussed in the text

Read the text carefully and try to write its main points in your words, in a precise and brief manner only sticking to the key areas

Make sure to summarize the text and use limited words so as to provide the accurate information without using too many words or exceeding the word count

Stick to a logical structure as you don’t want the precis to be an incoherent jumble of words

It is essential to understand and follow the above mentioned tips for writing a precis that gets you highest marks in class.

Different Grammar Rules That You Need To Know

Basically, grammar is the study and structure of the words by the experts of dissertation writing services. In grammar, we read how the sentences are structured and what the difference in situation changes is. The study of rule and regulation called grammar. Grammar is the kind of morphology and morphology is the study of words. We read how words are combined together. In the grammar, we read about phonology, semantics and syntax. Having complete information about grammar rules will make you able to write and read the correct language. Actually, grammar cannot learn by reading, indeed, we can learn it by practice. We can’t make correct sentences until we use them in our routine life. Learning English grammar is not difficult if you have complete information about its rule. Let’s discuss different grammar rules that you need to know.

Sentence Structure 

Making the sentence structure is most difficult if you don’t know the rule of constructing a structure. You should keep in mind that we will read “subject +verb +object”. Basically, this is a very simple formula to make a simple sentence. The short form of making a simple sentence is (s+ v +o). For example, 

Ali plays cricket. 

Ayesha makes tea.

Saba goes to school.

Sana washes clothes.

The Use of Conjunction

The use of the conjunction is also very complex. However, without the use of the conjunction, we can’t link ideas. The formula of adding conjunction is also very simple like this: s+ v+ o, coordinating conjunction+ +v +o. The conjunction words are for, or, so, and, yet. The examples of conjunction are giving below:

Ali goes to school and learns new things.

Sana does not like an apple but she like mango.

I am free, so we can go for a walk.

The Use of Comma

The use of a comma is very special rule in grammar. Basically, it is very easy rule that we often apply in our daily conversation. We use comma in the series of the list. Comma gives separate identity to the words. The comma separates units in a list. Without adding comma we cannot identify things properly. Instead of that, we can use comma to connect two ideas in one line.

I do not like a dog, nor do I wash a dog.

Ali, Saba, Alia and Waqas are going for a walk.

The Use of Present Tense 

The use of present tense is everywhere in our life. Without the use of present tense, we can’t complete our conversation as well as work. Instead of that, we use present tense for habitual actions. If you are using the present tense then you should keep in mind its rule. You should add s, es with he, she, it or a single name. You should not use s, es with third person such as they, it and them. In a negative sentence we use, do not for plural things and third person and we use does not with singular and first-person. Actually, all tenses are complex but present tense is very simple and easy to use. The examples of present tense are given below: 

Ali likes dogs.

Saba washes clothes.

Nabila sings songs.

Boys go to school.

Waqar does not like to play cricket.

The Use of Preposition

We use the preposition in order to demonstrate a relationship between noun and pronoun. Instead of that, we use preposition to indicate, location of the things. It also highlights manner, seasons, possessions. Without the use of a proposition, we cannot make a sentence as well as structure. Although, the use of preposition is not easy, yet, it can learn by practice. Some examples of prepositions are given below:

The salt is beside the paper.

The fish is into the water.

He sat on the rock.

The Use of Articles

Basically, the articles are very little words but they are most useful and difficult to learn. There are two kinds of articles, Definite articles and indefinite articles.” A, An” are indefinite articles that refer to non-specific nouns. On the other hand, “the” is the definite article and it is used to define special person, thing and place. For example, 

Ali is one of the most intelligent students in the class.

Would you like to eat an apple?

Would you like to take a tea?

Please go for a walk with me.

Please take the new students out for a walk.

Saba is the most beautiful girl.

The Lahore is a historical city.

How to Start a Free Blog in 2019 - Best Tips to Follow

Blogging has become one of the most essential and popular ways to spread information and news just within seconds in all around the world. There are millions of online blogs and these blogs have become a fantastic way to share your information. These blogs are also helpful to you to polish your writing skills. The first and the most important step to start a blog is to choose your preferred blogging platform. There are some free and some paid blogging platforms. Here, we will discuss some essential tips by writers of buy dissertation online, to start a free blog.

1) Pick a blog name

The first and most important tip to start a free blog is to pick a blog name. This blog name should be relevant to your niche. For example, if you want to create a science blog, you can choose your blog name “Scientific Mind” instead of “Technology World”. The name of your blog should also be eye-catching for audience members. 

2) Select a free blogging platform

There are lots of blogging platforms that are allowing their users to maintain free blogs. Some essential free blogging platforms are Blogger, WordPress, Wix, Weebly and Medium etc. You should take an overview of all of these sites and try to select the best blogging platform. 

3) Choose your blog template

There are some default templates on these free blogging platforms. You can use one of them and customize them according to your choice. Anyhow, these blogging platforms also allow you to install some other templates. There are lots of free blogging templates are available. You can easily download these templates and use them in your personal blogs. After selecting a template, you can also customize it according to your choice.

4) Connect your domain

No doubt, these free blogging platforms also provide you with a free domain name but this free domain name contains their site name. If you don’t like this kind of free domain name, you can buy it from an external source and connect it with your free blog.

5) Start writing your posts

After fully customizing your blog, now, it’s time to create the best quality posts for your blog. If you want to drive millions of free traffic to your blog, you should try to create such blog posts that have lots of monthly searches on search engines like Google and Bing etc. If you do proper SEO of these blog posts, your blog posts will easily rank and you will get millions of free traffic.

6) Publish posts and go live

After creating blog posts, you should publish these posts and go live. While publishing these blog posts, you should make sure that you have followed all necessary SEO tips and guidelines which are helpful to you to rank your posts. 

At last, you should try to share your blog posts with your friends and fellows. Social media sites are the best platforms to share your blog posts. You can also drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog posts from these social media sites.

About the author:

Ana Rudolf is a research writer affiliated with a buy dissertation online provider company. She helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. She also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of her interests in her free time.

Vice Chairman Samsung Arrested on Bribery Charges

Vice Chairman Samsung Arrested
Vice chairman Lee Jae-yong, often referred to as the crown prince of Samsung, has been under scrutiny since the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye. He has been accused of paying bribes, of a whooping 43 billion Won, or almost 37.75 US Dollars. What’s interesting is that the same request for an arrest warrant was issued by the prosecutor and was rejected by the Seoul central district court only last month. According to the prosecutors, there was additional evidence secured against the vice chairman, and even had brought ahead additional charges against him. "We acknowledge the cause and necessity of the arrest," said a judge in his ruling. Lee, 48 year old, was taken in to custody and had to wait the whole day for the court to arrive at a decision. Another request was rejected by court for the arrest warrants of Samsung Electronics president, Park Sang-Jin.

This whole fiasco started when the president of South Korea was impeached amid protest held by millions of citizens of South Korea. The charges against Park Geun-hye are that of corruption, including colluding with a very influential and allegedly corrupt personality Choi Soon Sil. She is currently the main Person of interest who is said to have a great deal of influence over the President of South Korea and other government officials. Mr. Lee comes in to the picture when he allegedly bribed President Park, and other government officials through Choi Soon Sil. The amount of 43 billion Won was paid to Choi Soon. According to a dissertation writing service, the main allegation was in relation the planned merger of Samsung C&T, the construction conglomerate by Samsung and Cheil industries.

To shorten the whole story in a nutshell, Mr. Lee paid 3.1 million USD to the company that was co-owned by Ms Choi Soon Li’s daughter and herself. Allegedly this money was supposed to influence he politicians involved in order to smooth things out and ensure that there aren’t any “bumps” along the way. This was initially refuted by Mr. Lee and he denied all of these charges he even claims to have provided evidence to the contrary. This statement slightly changed after he was questioned by the authorities for almost 22 straight hours, and he claimed that he did pay around 20.4 Billion Won (Equivalent to 17.6 million USD) as charitable donations to not-for-profit foundations. He also admitted to gifting some money for her equestrian career to the daughter of Ms. Choi, Chung Yoo Ra, and a Horse as well. Mr. Park at the time said that he regrets giving them any of those gifts because he did not know about their corrupt background, and also he was just making charitable donations and never asked for anything in return.

The Seoul Central District Court initially received the request for the warrants of arrest of Mr. Lee on Sunday January 15th. These arrests were supposedly to questions Mr. Lee about the alleged accusations of bribery, which, after much deliberation by the court was rejected. The Judge ruled that Mr. Lee was not allowed to leave the country so he does not pose a flight risk. Mr. Lee spent some time in the detention center at the time and this lead to a lot of speculation and reporting by the media at the time. The speculations right now are whether Mr. Lee will fight or bribe his way out or will he be pardoned by the government, either under the table or publicly. The pardon may happen because the Samsung group might suffer a lot due to this development.

And it currently one of the largest group of companies in the country and in the world, and hundreds of thousands of employees depend on its well being. Samsung is a Chaebol, and since the Chairman of Samsung Mr. Lee Kun-Hee, Park Lee’s father was incapacitated in 2004 after he suffered a heart attack and was limited to bed rest, Mr. Park Lee had been running the multi-billion dollar giant. There were already preparations being made to formalize this arrangement and officially name Mr. Lee as the successor to the group. Unlike the rest of the world, where Samsung is only known for its electronics, especially mobile phone, South Korea has a lot more depending on Samsung like construction, IT etc. That is why Mr. Lee was considered the most powerful man in South Korea. The power gap left by him cannot be filled by anyone in the long run, the company shares as well as the employees will suffer because of this.

However, outside of South Korea, the company’s head is not that well known, therefore according to analysts, the companies global brand will not be affected, at least not for the foreseeable future. The person spearheading the flagship brand Samsung Electronics is Oh-Hyun Kwon, who is still trying to steer the ship out of the exploding Galaxy note 7 issues, and preparing to launch the next Flagship, Samsung Galaxy 8 and Note 8. Samsung Electronics also provides other companies with components like memory, boards, display units, etc. and according to the same analysts, the arrest of Mr. Lee will not affect the purchasing decisions by any of the global customers. Despite the whole Note 7 exploding battery scandal, Samsung Brand was solid and recovered faster than any other brand could in similar circumstances.

In fact, in the last quarter of 2016, the profits foe Samsung Electronics jumped by almost 50 percent. Currently Mr. Lee is serving his time in a 71 square foot detention cell with a toilet in the corner. With only a sink/ wash stand, and no shower made available. So that Mr. Lee cannot discuss his ongoing case with anyone else, he is held in a single cell and isn’t allowed any contact with other inmates. His cell is in the Seoul Detention center that is located on the outskirts of the city. This detention center is known for holding politicians and corporate higher ups along with other influential personalities. Mr. Lee’s current worth is around 6.2 US Dollars, and the house he ordinarily resides in is his Seoul mansion, worth 4 Million US dollars.

Informative Essay - Different Things You Need to Know about Writing

Informative Essay
In informative essay, you will give some information to your audience about a selective topic. In informative essay, you give the information to the audience and not try to convince them to adopt your ideas or beliefs. In this way, we can say that the purpose of informative essay is to educate your audience. Sometimes, we called the informative essay as expository essay. We should be very careful in writing the informative essay. In this article, we will give you some tips to write the informative essay. These tips are given below;

Brainstorm Your Ideas and Choose a Topic: If you are given to write an informative essay then the first thing is to select an appropriate topic for your informative essay. In this regard, you should see the requirements of your assignments that are given by your teacher. Then according to these requirements, you should brainstorm your ideas and make a list of all the ideas. Then you should select an appropriate topic with the help of this list. This topic should be interesting to you. If you select an interesting topic then you will be able to write the informative essay properly.

Crank Out Some Informative Research: After selecting an interesting topic for your informative essay, the next thing is to collect the data for your informative essay. This data should be the important information about your informative essay topic. In order to collect the data, you should visit the libraries. In libraries, you should read those books in which the information about the informative essay topic is written. You should also search your topic on the internet in order to get the information. After collecting the information, the next step is to analyze this information. You should keep only that information which is related to your topic.

Informative Essay Outline: Informative essay should be written according to the standard format of an essay. In standard format of an essay, there are five paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you should write the introduction. The next three paragraphs are the body of your informative essay. In the fifth paragraph, you should write the conclusion of your essay. In the introduction of your essay, the first thing is to write the hook for your informative essay. This hook should be attractive for your reader. Then in the body of your informative essay, you should write the complete information about your essay. At last, you should write the conclusion of your essay. In this conclusion, you should give the short summary of your essay. You should also write the result of your informative essay in this conclusion.

Proofreading of Your Informative Essay: After writing your essay, you should proofread your essay. In this regard, you can also take help from the expert writers of any cheap essay writing service. They can proofread your informative essay and remove the mistakes. In this way, your informative essay is free from the mistakes and you can submit it.

How To Manage Bullies And Take Actions Against Bullying At Education Institutions?

Education Institutions
Bullying is a serious matter with short and long term implications for the victim. According to the American Association, bullying is a type of aggressive behaviours that can take place at education institutions. We know that bullying is very wrong in the education place as well as in society. There are no benefits if someone calls you with wrong names. A person can damage another person through the bullying. Cyberbullying is the main reason for new kind of bullying, because, it has led to a rise in wrong things. Here, the professional writers of dissertation proposal writing services will discuss how to manage bullies and take actions against bullying at education institutions.

Basically, teachers play an important role in order to manage bullies. Cyberbullying is an enormous problem for children and young people and it has many negative effects on the mind of people. Bullying is very wrong, because, it makes a student lose their confidence. It can be harmful to the children who go to school daily. Bullying has a serious impact on the mind of people, sometimes it leads to suicide. In fact, it is a very big problem for the children as well as students. Most teachers think that how to stop bullying in the educational institute, because, stopping bullying is a very hard task for all the teachers. In some cases, bullied do not want that their victim makes a suicide, because, they just want to hurt them. Bullying can come in all the forms and can affect the lives of children. Therefore, it is most important to manage bullies in the educational institute. Here are some steps that you should follow in order to stop bullies in the educational institute.

It is a very useful and efficient way to manage bullies that bullies should give punishment. Basically, punishment is a very good thing in order to improve the state of bullies. If a bully is given punishment, then he will commit this crime next time. Therefore, it is most important that a bully should be punished through the school children. Another most important point is that the children should be given awareness about how to manage in this situation.

They should provide all instruction about all these sensitive situations, because, in this situation, a child can feel nervous and can lose her or her confidence. They should provide a basic role in order to manage with bullies. This is a very useful and important point that you should follow in order to manage with bullies. Basically, a bully can affect the study of children in their educational institute. Therefore, children should provide a peaceful environment in order to get better performance of the children. The last way to control with bullying is that to become a victim of a bully. It is very hard to deal with bullying; therefore, you should follow all these steps. A teacher can manage bullies in the education institution by using these three steps that are given above in the argumentative essay.